The Talent is here

We have a highly skilled and highly educated young motivated workforce.

  • The region offers businesses unrivalled access to talent and infrastructure.
  • Almost 250,000 non-nationals, that’s 47% of foreign language speakers in Ireland.
  • DkIT has over 600 international students, and strong connections with China, supported by an office in Beijing
  • A student population of 86,000 in 12 Higher Education Institutions, 58% of all university enrolments
  • 40% of all third level graduates and 46% of Ireland’s STEM graduates
  • 270,000 of the workforce have apprenticeship and trade qualifications
  • Highly skilled outbound commuters, 61% hold third level qualifications

Education Facilities
in our Region

Dynamic educational institutions supporting industry needs with skilled talent and collaborative opportunities for solving problems
Dundalk Institute of Technology
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DCU Invent / DCU Research
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Drogheda Institute of further Education
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The Data

cts along the East Coast Ireland’s two largest cities, Dublin and Belfast, with the two largest towns, Dundalk and Drogheda at its centre. With a catchment population of 2.25m, the M1 Corridor is an attractive destination for prospective investment to Europe and the world.

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Who works here?

A Commuter Profile.

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