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Coastal living in a tradition of literature, culture, arts and music.

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Ireland’s Ancient East

From the beautiful Carlingford Lough and Cooley Peninsula to the historic Boyne Valley. Medieval Carlingford, Slieve Foye and the Mourne Mountains Newgrange and Bru na Boinne visitors centre

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Ireland's Ancient East
A tranquil land of rolling green hills, charming towns and quiet waters.
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Visit Louth
Keep Discovering Louth-Land of legends, and full of life!
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Sea Louth
Explore the roads less travelled, meet local characters, andbreathe the salty sea air.
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Heritage Ireland
Discover the remains of prehistoric tombs and the serenityof historic gardens.
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Discover Boyne Valley
The Boyne Valley, Birthplace of Ireland’s Ancient East, is a place steeped in history.
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Boyne Camino
Uncover commuter patterns and wishes from this intensiveannual survey.
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Carlingford Lough really has lots to offer
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Visit Carlingford
The medieval village of Carlingford is situated on the East coast of Ireland.
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